You’re My Peace Of Mind this crazy world, sang Joshua Kadison soulfully. Though he was obviously talking about a hot broad and I have something else in mind.

I believe that every home should have its oasis. A spot that is so lovely that you sometimes rush home just to take it in and glow a little. In the case of mi casa, my oases (?) wanders. I can pick a random corner/hallway/ windowsill to do up and like Flylady says, a little can go a long way.

Here is my latest oasis, created especially for Onam.


This is the landing by the stairs and the sight that greets me as soon as I come in to the hallway. I love fresh flowers in the home. I especially adore gladioli of the kind you see in the big vase. The table is an antique piece bought from Vadakara, Kerala (Nat, be payin’ attention now) and I was going to be an idiot and NOT buy the matching mirror, but my Amma, who was born knowing better, gave us the mirror as a present. Now its all hand in glove, si?

As you will rightly surmise, I don’t do the Scandanavian minimalistic style. Why? Because it bores the crap out of me to see so many almost-identical white walled homes, furnished like the Stepford Wives took over on a day when they were really uninspired at IKEA. I like simple, clean cut styles, but I love soul – in pieces of furniture, in homes.

So here is the plan. I will take the little nooks and crannies of my home, bit by bit and do it up – and post ” Oasis@Home” pictures. It doesn’t have to be more advanced than a plant on a table. It doesn’t have to be a pretty thingummy at all.

It could be a toy on the floor orΒ  laundry hung up to dry.

Your bliss, your call. All I’m looking for is a feelgood corner/ area of your home. It would be great if some of you guys took this, ran with it and started your own Oasis@Home series. Who’s in?

Those of you who don’t have a blog can mail me your pics at momgonemad9 at gmail dot com if you don’t mind sharing the loveliness around you.



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30 responses to “You’re My Peace Of Mind

  1. Looks sooo awesome!

    Now all I need is a house and I can start decorating it too.

  2. zeno

    Mine would be my refrigerator(don jump into conclusions, the contents outside)
    I love looking at the cheap souvenier magnets from tourist spots, Aliyah’s sonogram,
    Aaf’s school schedule, dr’s appts, grocery list, all peppered with myriad baby snaps.& on top of the fridge is a fairy Aaf made in art class & gave me while I was in the hospital havin Ali.

  3. zeno

    p.s..Theres a market for these furniture?I shud go raid the maliekkal attic !!!

  4. amma

    You made a sadya? And with the banana leaves setting too πŸ™‚ Nice.

  5. nat

    ok – anal troll here – that mirror isnt hanging bang center of the table. or is it the angle of the snap? that sorta bothers me. but its byootifull. how the hell did u bring it there? “some assembly required?”
    what else did u drag home?
    u actually made all that sadya stuff? how come we never ate anything you cooked? boiled anda even?

  6. nat

    P.S. – lets see a snap of that frig zeno!

  7. Its so pretty, and that wooden table and mirror lends so much warmth! My apartment looks so snoredinavian.Most things were gifted- Ok! Ok! hand me downs and all of it is WHITE. So I have pale floorboards with all white walls and windows and white flower effin pots and white effing lamps. Looks like a morgue.
    But I have a small corner I call my ‘little bit of India’ corner where I have a wooden cabinet and an original Tankha painting.

  8. maidinmalaysia

    i think i am a sap.
    my oasis in this 2,400 sq ft home = the few square inches of my laptop.

    i really am everything the home-decor people feared.

    hey! banana leaves? where did you find them??

  9. This looks lovely! The idea of Oasis@home is awesome!

  10. Cecilie M

    I might have to take you up on this one πŸ™‚ I’m definitely NOT one of those minimalist home makers… I have huge, comfy, sink-into couches, a mish mash of inherited furniture (great grandparents’ dining room set, my parents first bedroom set etc), and there’s hardly anything white in sight. It’s no decorator’s dream, but each piece and picture has a story, and that’s what makes it OUR home πŸ™‚

    I love your little oasis πŸ™‚

  11. I love it.
    Coincidentally, NK came home with a huge ass mirror yesterday. Its not as nice as you but it is nice(not to mention cheap). I will take a before and after and put it up on my blog..

    But you know what eventually happens, all the crap lends up on the table, sunglasses, keys, random pieces of mail, the take out menu. I hate it and no matter how much I clean, it cluttes up again

  12. I love this theme…little oasis.
    My house is a crazy mixture of kids’ toys, books, muddy shoes and and some comfy furniture. Nothing white, except the walls which hubby insisted on.
    The house is in a mess sometimes but i love it. Nothing minimalistic for me.

  13. oh that is so lovely, MGM…

  14. Era

    What a lovely vignette! Your Amma definitely knows best and gave a wonderful gift. The table setting in your header is also a lovely oasis. I’ve been meaning to comment on it for some time now.

    Now that I have my camera upload cord I will have to join the oasis @ home club.

    BTW the Flylady site is pretty cool.

  15. oooh. love the Onam Sadya. wonderful warm pic. Green banana leaves, Orange placemets? White bowls .. and the yummy food.

    Can I hop over please?

    And you’re right – Amma does know best πŸ™‚ The dresser + mirror combo look amazing!! Just curious – how the hek did u manage to transport all that stuff without paying a bomb??

    I think I’ll join the Oasis @ Home club. My home keeps changing. A lil bit here, a lil bit there. Right now though the decor is mostly multi-colored toys scattered all over. All dainty, cute, warm, earthen stuff vanquished to to the loft. And my only Oasis, like MiM, is my laptop.
    Hubby and I have been scratching our heads wondering how to reclaim a bit of the house for ourselves!

  16. I just noticed.
    You have calla lilies in that vase! My FAVORITE flowers! πŸ™‚

  17. Deepa

    I swear to ya, I’ve never been jealous of anyone or anything and would’nt be of you, nope, not even if you got ’em gorgeous whatchatmacallit?? Oh, yeah, those oomphy mallu boobs that lurkers be thinking you have:-) But, your zen corner, ah tell ya, ah can’ take it no more. Izzzsobeautiful, it is!

  18. Mom Gone Mad

    @Miss M: Thanks:-)

    @Zen: Send me a pic pronto!fridges are an “absolute must” feature!And yes, raid the attic;-)

    @Amma: Yes – was a lot fun! Plaintain leaves are available here, mostly in thai stores.

    @Nat: Nono.. is dead centre. I live with an engineer. What are the odds he would let it hang off centre? I did some wierd thing with Picasa that made it look wonky. *Sigh* must learn these tricks. but everything has been shipped. Was quite reasonable.

    As for cooking, acquired competency and all yaar:-) You didn’t taste an anda because tab to mujhe boiled anda bhi nahin aati thi:-)!!

    @June: SNOREDINAVIAN!!HAHAHA!!! Where do you come up with these gems?? But I know what your mean. One of the first things I did in our first apartment was to paint one wall a lovely burnished earthen tone. White is too funereal..
    Ok, now you must a picture of your tankha corner!

    @MiM: Do not believe you. Not one bit. You, the proud owner of so many awesome woodden toys. So get cracking:-) Leaves are from a thai store, which I might just move into.

    @Dipali: Innit? If you are all healed, I really hope you will run with this, Dips! Cos I have seen some lovely pictures from your home and am sure oases abound.

    @Cecilie: I love the sound of your place. Sounds like somewhere I would put my feet up and lean into a squashy cushion! Am holding to you this then. Need pics soon:-) And ping me so that I know its been done:-)

    @Sraikh: Thanks, girl. ooh big ass mirror sounds good! Must see soon. As for the table cluttering. tell me about it. Totally violated space. Though lately, it has gotten a little better!

    @Aparna: Sounds lovely:-) Time to share your happy space;-)

    @Titaxy: Thanks:-)

    @Era: Thanks:-) yeah, i love “the pretty” around me when I can actually be bothered to put in an effort!:-)Onam is def. worth it!And isn’t flylady great?

    @Richa: Come on over, dear! We shipped stuff over and were really surprised that it wasn’t so expensive – compared at least to what insane amount we would fork out here for similiar stuff. And do join the club. This idea was born of the mess in mine. I just really needed some inspiration to “do nice” around the home:-)

    @Miss M: You noticed! I wanted white, but brownish orange were what I landed up with:-) All good that too.

    @Deepa: LOL.. thanks:-) And this here.. its all me overcompensating for sad lack of oomphy Mallu boobs:-)I am a total disgrace to my state!

  19. Mom Gone Mad

    P.S. For those living in the forigin or anywhere near an IKEA..The orange in the header is not placemats, but its an IKEA panel curtain.. you know where you get those 40 cm. wide, stiff strips of curtain? yes, that.

    They are v. inexpensive if you’re just buying a length or two and make amazing and interesting runners for tables – not to mention easy to clean.

  20. Chuchu

    Wow!the corner looks abs.gorgeous-the dark wood,the workmanship on the mirror and table,the fresh flowers…ooooh loving it!I’ll definitely be mailing you some pics of my home.
    ROFL at June’s “snoredivanian”..she comes up with these real funnies!
    And as for the onam sadya-yum on banana leaves!

  21. Great idea! I am in for this oasis series πŸ™‚ Will do a post soon.

    Congrats on the 100! You write well and all that but honestly I keep coming back for Arvind-Armaan pics πŸ˜›

  22. Happy Onam, kid. Thought of you on Sep 2, tho I didnt mail and wish you!! πŸ˜€

  23. Mom Gone Mad

    @chuchu and Print Lover: I’ll be waiting for oasis snaps soon!

    @DG: Where’ve you bin girl??? Missed you in these parts! Are you done trawling through Chennai and hanging out and getting fed? Grrrr.

  24. Lovely, both the header and the post. Waiting for more “oasis” posts from the rest. Am thinking if there’s space for an oasis in my apartment.. hmm.. may be if I move myself out,, then?! πŸ˜›

  25. Pri

    arrggh.. complain complain – I wrote a big long comment and when I hit submit – it took me to an error page – next time, remind me to copy the comment over.

    1. Congratulations on 100th post – party party party!!! Reason I keep coming back – you’re simbly hillarious …
    2. Happy Onam – belated πŸ˜€
    3. What a wonderful oasis in your home – beautiful corner, beautiful workmanship, beautiful decoration and love that your mom bought it for you – it just makes the corner that extra bit perfect.
    4. I’ve got to think of mine – I love my home – dont’ get me wrong, but I have never thought of one single corner as an oasis and a go to place to unwind – mmm.. now you have me thinking that I’m a big loser for not having one arghhh – all you creative types – you are a pain in my behind! πŸ˜›

  26. Pri

    oh.. and forgot to mention – I absolutely love that song from JK (although that’s the only one I know of his). I suspect we have very similar tastes when it comes to music.

  27. yeah am done being fed and am back in Queen Land. boo!

  28. AJ: Move yourself out, indeed!:-) Keep looking, dear!

    @Pri: Thanks:-) and good to see you back here again! As for the oasis corners, if you don’t feel the need for it, why have it? I just happen to be highly strung enough to need beauty and order around me:-) maybe you’re just waayy more chillaxed than me, girl:-)

    @Deej: Yay! that you’re back!

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