Oasis@Home The Arvind Way

Yesterday, in his tearing hurry to climb on the mantelpiece to – I don’t know – save the world? Arvind toppled a vase with my much-coveted, beautiful sunflowers. Yes, the ones in the header. Maybe I sensed their premature demise. Either way I’m glad I took my happy-making picture.

The vase toppled, I screamed, Arvind grovelled and begged for his life and after seeing the amazingly intact vase, I let it go. As I sadly bio-bagged the remains, Arvind came up behind me, hugged me and whispered, “Sorry” again.

Today, I came home to a clean house (thankyouthankyou lovely Thai cleaning lady who ALWAYS goes above and beyond and makes my day. Today she lit some agarbatti (incense sticks) on her way out so that the house smelt delicious when I walked through the door. I. Must. Never. Let. Her. Go.)

I also came home to this on our coffee table.

Autumn Delight

Autumn Delight

Arvind went on a nature walk today with his class and in a great a-ha! moment figured out that he could find the raw material to compensate for yesterday’s loss.

Dear son, you leave your mother hopelessly bleary-eyed when I see the thought, the delicate execution that has gone into your “autumn project” as you call it.

Oasis@Home title today goes to the thoughtful child who made his Ma’s day.



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28 responses to “Oasis@Home The Arvind Way

  1. wow…very thoughtful indeed…and that too at such a young age…you are raising a gem…may i reserve him for my 3 year old daughter?:-)

    and I applaud his artistic and creative skills!

  2. nat

    **blinks** teary eyed.

  3. Oh my! so touching and thoughtful of Arvind πŸ™‚ he deserves an applause for this

  4. wow!
    that was really thoughtful and sweet of him!
    btw, is that a Fabindia table runner?

  5. Awesomely aesthetic autumn project that. πŸ™‚

    PS: And I got a “you are posting comments too quickly. slow down” before this. πŸ™‚

  6. Awwww… can I adopt him?

  7. Era

    One of the most beautiful arrangements and sentiments that I’ve ever seen. πŸ™‚ very sweet!

  8. Blinking my eyes as well. So sweet.

  9. awww, he is sooooooooo sweet…

  10. Okay I am totally LOVING all the flowers!

  11. Amma

    That is Ammamma’s lovely , loving little Sundaran

  12. SMM

    Arvind made that? Wowwwwww!!!!!

    *Officially impressed*

  13. allrighthere

    He’s quite artistic that little man of yours! I’m remembering the lovely coffee/tea cups he made a while back too… he’s got a good eye. It’s just lovely. Star in the book for Arvind πŸ˜€

  14. Super impressive, this! Can he take some lessons? I’ll happily send bumbling Pratik over!

  15. Such a darling! Hug him for me, please.

  16. Did I ever say how I want your kids? Now you may keep them, I want your cleaning woman instead.

  17. damn impressed with Arvind!! WoW!!

    and can you send across that cleaning lady..

  18. Mom Gone Mad

    @Sukanya: Thanks:-) As discussed in an earlier post, we will be arranging a Swayambiwi (ugh) jig for the boys;-)

    @Nat: hugs!

    @Doli: Thanks! Will pass it on to Arvind:-)

    @Bindu: Thanks! And no, not fab india, but made in India, purchased in Norway.Because I’m stupid and like to throw good money away:-)

    @AJ: LOL!!!The comments thing – how does that happen, never-average Jane?:-)

    @Suki: After this cantankerous bedtime, he’s all yours:-)

    @Era and Sraikh and Titaxy: Thanks guys!:)

    @Miss M: Me too, me too:-)

    @Amma: Your vote is invalid:-)

    @SMM: Yeah, concurring here! Thanks!

    @Cecilie: Thanks:-)yeah, he’s developing quite an artistic side. Suddenly, he would rather draw and colour all the time rather than do maths! Which is a BIG YEAH from his mother!

    @Deej: Yes, send Prathik armed with your great recipes and we have a deal:-)

    @Dips: Hug handed over! Thanks:-)

    @June: You cartoon!And the cleaning woman? Pliss to step over my dead body to get to her and the incense:-)

    @Richa: Thanks,Richa! Pls. check reply to June;-)

  19. aww..such a dear little guy !! I loved the arrangement..smart πŸ™‚

  20. (delurking)

    next time you yell at Arvind, we know which post to throw at your face. ah-ha.

    Good job, Arvind πŸ™‚

  21. Came here through Titaxy
    Your lil boy is sure charming πŸ™‚

  22. Chooch

    what an “omanakuttan”!;) Now I’m wishing my daughter was a decade younger…

  23. Pri

    What an adorable child you have – how in the world did you raise one? Need tips, my 5 month old is a brat already and I’m wondering where I’m going wrong.

  24. He MADE THAT AT SCHOOL? Isn’t he a first grader? you would have thought he’s a fully trained florist already! Impressive.

  25. Era

    I miss you, Hope you start posting again soon.

  26. chuchu

    second era above…

  27. third!
    having withdrawal symptoms.
    hope everything’s fine at your end.

  28. ys

    Since I have already been too much in love with your elder son, there isn’t any point in repeating appreciations… SIGH! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Congrats on parenting such a wonder!

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