Turning Two

While the world was busy spinning on its old axis and everything flew madly about us – resisting gravity and sense, Armaan turned two on October 1st.

My most precious little baby decided that we were no longer worthy of the courtesy of utter babyness and metamorphosised into a full blown little boy. A little boy with curls, but still…

When I was pregnant with Armaan, I was not the happiest person. I balanced a teaching job with my regular job, worked incredibly long hours, travelled on all my regular assignments and  was so driven to be supermom. Hitting the ground running and all that. I was also a single mother (without help) for long periods of time with the Viking being gone oil platform-hopping.

When I look back on that time, I remember my stress levels, I remember desperately trying to make all the pieces fit and I remember my rage. My impotent, spluttering rage when everything wasn’t just so.

Like there are Bridezillas out there, I was Hormonella. And a nasty case of one too. It was such a 360 degree contrast to my sunny, worry-free first pregnancy where I was blissed out from the get go. Where the Viking almost looked at me as if I might have had a lobotomy – so carefree, so even-tempered was I.

When I look back on the Armaan pregnancy, he seems unbelievable.

I needed to learn a lesson and there it was in the form of this ever-smiling, delicious baby, who just needed the tiniest excuse to burst into peal after peal of laughter.

Little Boy, everytime you curled your finger around mine, everytime I breathed in your curls and soaked in the intense wattage of your smile, everytime I walked with your warm little palm in mine, I felt just that wee bit more released. I felt I could let go of all that I had held on to so fiercely, because you and your brother – this little unified assault of love – made it easier to do so.

I always thought that the second child sort of slipped in almost unnoticed, without really shifting the balance much. Maybe that happens with some. But you are the baby that changed everything. You shifted the core and completely altered the focus, the ambition, my sense of what I am striving for.

I did not know two years ago that I would happily decide to work part-time, working five hour days, so that I could hang out scrambling eggs and making banana pancakes on unhurried, delicious mornings with you and your brother.

I did not foresee how I would rush to your daycare every day, wanting to cover you in crazy kisses and needing to hear your incessant babble.

I could not have known that I would be so happy on my kitchen floor playing mechanic and HAVING NOTHING TO DO BUT HANG THE HELL OUT WITH YOU on a late afternoon.

I did not realise then that this time spent on the kitchen floor would result in a total re-evaluation of my life, my dreams and goals.

Through your eyes, it has become a clearer and simpler world. As the Indigo Girls song goes, “The hardest to learn was the least complicated.”

And now you’re two. And you talk like a waterfall tripping on acid – mixing languages effortlessly one minute, mixing up like crazy the next. Everything you say should be in FRIKKIN´ CAPITAL LETTERS WITH !!!!! EXCLAMATION MARKS because thats how excited you are about uttering your words and your sentences.


And the Dog is a technicolour dreamcoat of a bloody dog, no less.

You get the drift.

Its indomitable, inexhaustible cheer, curiousity and enthusiasm for life. Its entirely exhausting and occasionally it makes me grumpy and I curse you, but of course you are having none of that. You will chuckle, hug me hard and kiss me on the lips soundly and cock your head to one side and say, “MA-MMMMAAAAA”. You will wrap your arms and legs about me like a koala with a crush on a eucalyptus tree. And BOOM! The GrumpyMummy is a-deaded.

It had to be you, baby.

Cupping my almost-sleeping face in your gentle baby palms when you wake up in the dead of the night. Chuckling with delight and kissing me with abandon when you realise that I am not quite asleep. Stroking my cheeks and murmuring, “Armaan and Mamma chaachi (sleep) now, mmm?” and floating into sleep with your sweet, hot palm still on my cheek.

It had to be you, damn awesomest baby of them all.

Now, go storm the bastille of Two-dom.

The Boy In The Silver Shoes With the Moto-bite. He's all that.

The Boy In The Silver Shoes With the Moto-bite. He's all that.

Happy Birthday To You. Coolest song EVER hethinks.

Happy Birthday To You. Coolest song EVER hethinks.

Entertain me, serfs. Dolled up at daycare.

Entertain me, serfs. Dolled up at daycare.

All about the bikes and rock n roll! Good thing I plan to practice abstinence till I'm 30! By that I mean, 40.

All about the bikes and rock n roll! Good thing I plan to practice abstinence till I'm 30! By that I mean, 40.

Ready to Partay. But not without Lala. Aka. Psychotic Being Known To Trigger Homicidal Tendencies

Ready to Partay. But not without Lala. Aka. Psychotic Being Known To Trigger Homicidal Tendencies

With Tante Christina

With Tante Christina

With Cousin Anna. She who taught him to sing, "Bad Boy Bad Boy Whachyu gonna do?"!!:-)

With Cousin Anna. She who taught him to sing, "Bad Boy Bad Boy Whachyu gonna do?"!!:-)

Edited to add: Sorry to have AWOL-ed for as long as I did, but mostly, very sorry if I worried anyone. Nothing more dramatic than the drama I can create in my own head plus an insane breakneck speed in the past month. Will blog about it (I think) and will at any rate blog more frequently. Thanks so much for your kind wishes and enquiries – and BINDU! – an award! Aww.

More than anything, I missed the connection with you all. It was tough to stay away!


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53 responses to “Turning Two

  1. belated bday wishes to the awesomest Armaan…his smile is precious..

    may all his dreams come true!

  2. Wow, that boy will be responsible for a TON of pining women one day!


  3. allrighthere

    It’s such a cliché, but I have to say it anyway: your life is better because he’s in it 🙂 What a gift. You got the perfect boy at the perfect time.

    “burst into peal after peal of laughter” – I just love the way you write!

    • Mom Gone Mad

      C, I love clichés – or didn’t you notice?:-) I agree with you.

      And thank ye for sweet compliment at the end of comment!

  4. Amma

    I don’t know what to say. Like Manjoommama used to say ” why do these children have to grow up?” I was remembering those days when I left work and went to UK. It was quite hard in the beginning to be a stay at home mother. But now looking back , the days in UK where the best times we had and I don’t regret having left my job at all. That was the only way I could compensate for not FULLY being there in your baby days. I had tried to make up for all the time I lost with you and it was such a helpless feeling to leave you and go to work knowing that you needed me. Bygones are bygones and let us not dwell on it.I am happy about your decision to cut down on work. Lovely pictures of Armaan.

  5. So glad to have you back. Armaan is gorgeous- all sunshine, bless him. Both your sons are stunners. Happy Twoness to Armaan and his family.

  6. Heyyyy! You’re back again…like a shiny penny;)LOL at Hormonella!

    Happy 2nd birthday to Armaan…lovely pix! You look drop-dead grogeous too…love yer hair n kurti!

    P.S. Hey we both have second Oct-born kids:)

  7. A belated Happy Birthay to Armaan. He is such a sweet boy and those curls are so cute 🙂

  8. supmm

    Can I kidnap him…he is THE CUTEST 🙂

    Happy birthdayyyyy to Armaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey, you’re back!!Missed you!
    Happy Birthday, Armaan, and here’s to the terrific twos!

    Abstinence till 30, yeah right. Dahling, you’ll be beating the gals off with a stick by the time he’s in high school.

  10. Devi

    Belated birthday wishes to Armaan. The photos are lovely.
    You know, I hope that I can work part time some day in the not too distant future(after my training is done). Working full time whilst raising a family looks so incredibly hectic and tough. I want to be able to breathe a little and find more of a balance in my life that doesn’t just centre around work.
    Congratulations on working part time. You are living my dream!

  11. nat

    you’re the best mom evva.

  12. happy birthday armaan.
    and you MGM…you are one hot mama..i love the picture of you with your handsome boys!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday wishes Armaan.
    I have forbiden your mommy from ever cutting off your precious beautiful curls.

    I know you are in hurry to catch up with your older brother but slow down and remain a baby longer for your mommy’s sake

  14. Era

    Hip – hip – hooray!!! You’re back and happy birthday to Armaan!

  15. Hey there,

    Hop over to your blog after several clicks of different blogs. You have a nice blog and I love your sons!

    Happy belated birthday to Armaan:)

    Take care.

  16. Anj

    He is such a precious little boy..there isn’t one picture of him where he isn’t smiling. I hope he always stays that way. Happy Birthday Armaan.

  17. Chuchu

    YaY!you’re back! and with a LOL post(hormonella..)and best of all….pics of the darling meerkat!He’s so adorable and I second the decree forbidding anyone from separating him from his curls!May he be blessed with everything good.
    PS you’re looking great with your tons of hair and handsome boys.
    Spotted a turkish lamp and an ?indian chest with my antique furniture spying eye;)

    • Chuchu, he is temp. separated from curls. Dare not post pics for fear of ex-communication! And thanks for the compliment:-)

      Ooh you spotted right BTW. Not turkish lamp though. From North Malabar – arabic touch prolly;-)

  18. Pri

    You were gone??? So was I 😦 and I hope all is well in your world, mine is much better now (thanks for asking in advance 😉 )

    Wishing Armaan the happiest b’day ever and a joyful year as a prelude to the joyous life ahead. Beautiful pictures…

  19. Gosh you make SUCH cute babies!!! You shld make some more. For all the cute girls out there, you know. Just sayin’!!

    HAPPY BUDDAY ARMAAN!!!!!!!! You are such a rockstar arencha? Hope you had a fabbo birthday.

  20. Orange Jammies

    My uterus just clenched its fists and threatened to punch me.
    Here’s wishing that golden child a year as sunny as he is. Bless you both. No, make that all 4 of you.

  21. Appy Budday to him. (At 2, he can have appy birthday wishes the whole month no?). and good to see you back, was beginning to wonder.

  22. OMG what a lovely happy baby he is! Happy Birthday !

    And you look gorgeous! Seriously.

  23. definitely.. definitely the awesomest baby of all 🙂 i love him

  24. migrationdiary

    Aw he is soooo cute. Beautiful photos!

  25. I second Deej. You make beautiful, happy babies. You should make more 😉

  26. Hey, you’ve disappeared again- pliss come back.
    I hope all is well.

  27. Tasneem R

    Helo I am here on you blog for the first time and I’m quite impressed with your theme and with your lil boy ! He is such a cutie.

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