Still Here..

.. but life is spinning at some crazy velocity. Busy weeks, busier weekends. Its getting tiring planning posts in my head and never getting to write them down. Today is unfortunately no different. My body and mind are begging for bed, but I had to let you lovely people know that I am well – we are well and thriving – and (BAWWWWL) I just want to be writing again. And I will. Soon.

Working less was supposed to lead to more writing time. But a number of projects @ home have ensured that everything  – LIFE – is not only busier than ever, but also dustier and building-site like and in dire need of planning, logistics and management. These are strange words for us in the most organized of times, so we are little short of breath now:-)

While I get my act together, I want to share with you one of my favourite poems.


I am who I am.
A coincidence no less unthinkable
than any other.

I could have different
ancestors, after all.
I could have fluttered
from another nest
or crawled bescaled
from another tree.

Nature’s wardrobe
holds a fair
supply of costumes:
Spider, seagull, fieldmouse.
each fits perfectly right off
and is dutifully worn
into shreds.

I didn’t get a choice either,
but I can’t complain.
I could have been someone
much less separate.
someone from an anthill, shoal, or buzzing swarm,
an inch of landscape ruffled by the wind.

Someone much less fortunate,
bred for my fur
or Christmas dinner,
something swimming under a square of glass.

A tree rooted to the ground
as the fire draws near.

A grass blade trampled by a stampede
of incomprehensible events.

A shady type whose darkness
dazzled some.

What if I’d prompted only fear,
or pity?

If I’d been born
in the wrong tribe
with all roads closed before me?

Fate has been kind
to me thus far.

I might never have been given
the memory of happy moments

My yen for comparison
might have been taken away.

I might have been myself minus amazement,
that is,
someone completely different.

Wislawa Szymborska



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6 responses to “Still Here..

  1. I saw 8 facebook statuses I could get out of it…loved the poem THAT much.

  2. What an awesome poem. I wish for your world to spin just a tad slower, so that you can take a deep breath and recharge! Take care.

  3. Hey…I second Dipali’s wish for you. Missing your amazing posts…waiting and waiting:)

  4. Era

    Thank you for sharing the lovely poem. I am glad that you are all well. It sounds a bit like a home renovation going on? All the best.

  5. Chuchu

    Lovely to see you all active again…was really missing you and yours!This poem is awesome-thanks for introducing…

  6. maidinmalaysia

    yep. i was beginning to wonder about my persuasive skills. i plead with you to write a book — and all blog activity stops…

    thanks for popping back.

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