Civil Disobedience @ Home

One of the my key reasons for wanting to be a parent was the most obvious one really – the utterly sadistic pleasure of completely breaking a small person’s will.

Today Armaan staged his first civil disobedience movement. How? By sitting bolt upright in bed and refusing to sleep. And by staring me down. This was particularly rich given that his face was full of zinc cream dots (recovering from chicken pox) and he could easily have given Bozo the clown a run for his money.

I stood at the other end of the room, folding laundry. Uttering in the practiced smooth and placatory tone preferred by true sadists, “Sleep, sweetheart” and such niceties. My true inner voice was throwing the kind of profanities at the boy that would have kept him in therapy for life – as opposed to the mandatory 5 years he will need after living with me.

After a heroic hour of Gandhian salt-march-like gritty resolve with the occasional rubbing of eyes and smothered yawns, he ..well..toppled.

Toppled like a bowling pin, no less. Eyes shut, mouth wide open and will power worn to a nub.

A disappointing end to a great stand off.

Ma – 1 Toddler  – 0 should have been a whole lot sweeter!



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15 responses to “Civil Disobedience @ Home

  1. Era

    Lol! “Toppled” There is something about the act of going to sleep that kids just don’t like. Frankly I don’t like it myself. And when I really need sleep it eludes me. Life can be cruel that way.

  2. Lol! Wish you’d caught it on tape:)

    Congrats on the score…but be prepared for more!

  3. LOL!

    sounds like a familiar scene. Except that ours also has a lil monster clambering all over 2 sleepy parents and atleast a good hour of howling and screaming and beating up the helpless parents.

    its usually followed by the parents dozing off and the lil monster playing in a corner of the bed.

  4. oh, btw, hugs to lil armaan for bravely putting up with the chicken pox!

  5. Hahaha – The sweet victories:-))) I loved that toppled bit , civil disobedience and salt-march!

  6. Chooch

    Paavam,at least he just tried staring you down and didn’t clamber out of bed…:))hope he’s recovered from ze pox.

  7. hey thanks for visiting my blog and your thoughtful comment. appreciate it.

  8. migrationdiary

    Lol – excellent!

  9. My monsters all march at 7.55 and plop in bed. I dont know.. I am just a brilliant mother.. *snorts*

  10. awwwww! there’s something oh so cute about the images your blog post created in my mind. whattacutie!

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