Oh No He Didn’t – Again.

But of course he did – again.

Arvind: “Mamma, now that Pappa is back, are you going to make out? Like boyfriend girlfriend with tongue?”


“Because if you’re really crazy about each other you have stick your tongues in each others mouths.”

*Parents paling*

What the hell are they teaching them in public school anyway??? And are we talking a touchy feely prevention talk at the age of 10 here?

Can I abdicate my role as guide, I’m wondering?

I’m going to spare you all the follow up questions, go to bed and let my friendly little ulcer fester now.



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16 responses to “Oh No He Didn’t – Again.

  1. please let me know how you handled this question and any other similar ones—am already preparing myself for the inevitable.

  2. Oh Gawrsh! Help! How did you handle it?!

    We started the ‘big’ birds n bees talks yesterday..so am interested to know!

  3. Hahahahahahhahahhaaaaaa…..my sides ache Shal and I would die to see your faces!!! Hahahahahhahahaaa…….the son when he was a little boy had me in similar situations. I should have warned you….Hahahhahahhahahhaha

  4. LOL!
    I wish I could see your reaction!
    So tell me, how did you handle it?
    Our lil fellow is already the self imposed moral police. If HD and I are even sitting together, he gets all J and runs up to us demanding his share of attention!

  5. Era

    Sorry, I can’t hear you. I’m too busy hiding my head in the sand. I’ll be out when my Arvind is 18. Is your Arvind 10 also?

  6. allrighthere

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ooooh it’s too funny!!! Parenting I tell you! It’s a good thing we don’t know what’s coming next!

  7. I hope you answered – NO, Its not cool, only 4 year olds do that.
    Hopefully he will want to be cool and stay away from the fun stuff.

  8. Phew! What did you say?

  9. how old is he again?!

    brrrrrr!! and we do need a follow up post telling us what else and how the heck did you deal with it!


  10. OMFG! What are you planning to say? I remember this 10 year old boy, a neighbor kid (when I was in college) who used to walk up to unsuspecting aunties and slip in the ‘sexy’ word – a big deal in those days in India. His mother instead of reacting would just mildly chide him and walk away – I was in serious awe of her calm.

  11. Er. “With tongue”??? That is in stroke-worthy league.

  12. Dude! Whatchu teaching him?

  13. Dear concerned folks. We ignored him at first. Then we told him that when and how we or anyone makes out has nothing to do with him.

    And then, being cowards, we dropped the whole thing and pretended the whole horrific episode had never occurred.
    This worked for the parents and this should anoint us in protection too:-)

  14. the mute question… so, were you really crazy about each other?

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