Random Thought

You know all the ways people assess long, happy marriages? If you and the dear ball and chain are – years down the line – still happy happies?

Why? I’m wondering – do people place such importance on companionable silence? Finishing each other’s thoughts? Being best friends?

Why does no-one talk about the husband, who 30 years down the line, will still growl deep in his throat as he reaches for his wife from behind, inhaling her hair?

That would totally make me happy.



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14 responses to “Random Thought

  1. You have gawgeous beyooootiful hair, no wonder!

    Lol at ball and chain!

  2. Awwww! Magic does endure, decades later.
    Aks me, I’m tellin ya:)

  3. Era

    I hope for that too 🙂

  4. supmm

    Ummmm tht’s something I keep telling my husband too…to be in shape even 30-40 years down the line (use Viagra if need be) 😛

  5. You got me as ‘assess’

    Now I am tripping over the word…it sounds, looks and seems weird when isolated from a sentence. y’know like a a fkae word but suddenly its real and I wanna write assess all the time.

  6. because not too many of them have awesome hair left, dude! ask the bald woman

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