A congenial arm draped over his shoulder. His father blew out a perfect ring of smoke as they stood on the lawn contemplating the elegant young woman who was soon to be his wife.

The perfect dark column of her neck elongated as she flung her head back to laugh, revealing the uneven pearls of her smile.

“That’s a beautiful girl, son. Beautiful, smart and accomplished. I can see why it had to be her.”

He found himself nodding in agreement as his mind wandered to a dark winter morning spent entwined in lazy, warm sheets.  The smooth, dark plane of her back neatly parted by an exquisite spine. Vertebrae that made a virtuouso of his fingers. The delight in composing melodies on skin and bone, peaks and valleys. The frown that creased her brow as she half-turned towards him, her sleep interrupted. Her half growling chuckle as he pinned her down, intoxicated by her musk, her softness, the ripe otherness in her.

He had known his woman with the purity of primitive instinct.

It seemed like an unnecessary detail to share with his father.


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35 responses to “Knowing

  1. This post is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. wow!
    have you made up your mind about writing a book? it will be a super duper success.

  3. Shivers. excellent writing

  4. supmm

    I likes 🙂

    There ought to be a ‘like’ icon like the one on FB

  5. Unlike so many of us who try to write.. your pieces always come from a real place… looking forward to the book.

  6. Amma

    I have been looking forward to that book for a long long time.

  7. Deepa

    Why does the woman have to be physically attractive ALWAYS in stories like these:-)

    • She is attractive in his eyes. Its always in someone’s eyes or in their head, isn’t it? I think the point is that attraction – or the clincher – normally goes beyond any open physical trait.

  8. CRD

    Lovely flow of words. 🙂

    Blogrolled ya!


    • Mom Gone Mad

      Hey CRD, what a cool blogname: Scripted Insanity. love it:-)

      Thanks for the kind words and always an honour to be blogrolled!

  9. Amma

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

  10. Chooch

    Wow! nice one:)

  11. Brilliant. i could picture that winter morning in every detail, including that chuckle. Lovely writing Shal!

  12. nat

    reminds of that jennifer aniston movie. with kevin whatsisname. good one girl!

  13. Simply lovely. Esp loved ‘vertebrae that made a virtuoso’ Brilliant!

  14. Why do you do this to me? Now come on save my life and sweep me up from the floor…..this is what they meant when they coined the phrase, “poetry in prose”!! Wow….I am falling in love all over again…..with you. Hugs babe

  15. wow. Am speechless.

    Just reading about her from his perspective makes one fall in love with her 😉

  16. Sue

    Aww, that IS cute. 🙂

    In our home we discovered yesterday that when the dinosaur family falls down, they are quickly apologised to; when Vicky or I am waiting for one, well, it’s a lo-ong wait, is what it is.

    I guess that puts us in our place.

  17. OrbitBud

    That was beautiful. You so have to write a book and when you do, can I please have an autographed copy ?? 🙂

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