“It won’t happen again. Honest.” he says, all beseeching charm.

Honest. What a strange word to use, she thought. Strange but apt.

Honesty was raw when he spit on her and called her a useless, third rate slut. 

Honesty in his bitter regret, in the verbal venom he spewed to decimate even the tiny shreds of the sense of self that she had clung to.

Honesty bled when he cracked her skull against the brick wall; honesty in the rough fingers seizing her neck, suffocating her with open intent.

Tearful honesty as he kicked her pregnant belly, disowning what he was convinced was a bastard child.

She has been honest too.

Honest in seeking out another man’s body to forget the violence of his weight, his burden on her. Grateful for the white blankness, the emotional insipidity of the encounter. Its utter lack of brutality.

Such a pity, she thought, that savagery and contempt had provided the most illuminating moments in their relationship.



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17 responses to “Honest

  1. Orange Jammies

    Oh good lord. That screeched into me with all the emotion I’ve been glad to leave behind.

  2. Dude you should totally write a book!

    I MEAN IT!

    And I shall be the first one in the que to buy it and get it autographed. 🙂

  3. Totally shaken up:(
    You write real good:)

  4. gosh, that just grabbed me by the guts. brought back horrid memories of someone very dear who suffered just so, till she left the miserable excuse for a man she was married to.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Same here, Magicalsummer:-( Unfortunately. Somehow its always the nicest people who find themselves on the receiving end.

  5. This was gut-wrenching. Can I blogroll you?

  6. “Such a pity, she thought, that savagery and contempt had provided the most illuminating moments in their relationship.”

    wow….simply wow!

    please write a book- I will be your agent!no i am not one in real life but will be just for you…i am desperate to read your first novel!

  7. Shit, this one broke my heart 😦

    when’s the book deal happening??

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Hey.. its tough if you are familiar with the situation:-(

      And book deal? find me a publisher in a time when everyone and their aunty is writing a book:-)

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