Of Course You Missed Me

Ach, my lovelies! There you are – all five of you!

Five and half weeks in India (11 extra days due to lovely volcanic ash) after which the Viking left us for oil platforms, after which,  life just swallowed me up again. That seems to happen a lot lately.

So we  went to India and married my brother off, first in Kerala – and then just to be sure –  in Patiala as well. If I began to write about this amazing trip, I wouldn’t know where to start or stop. Besides I’m awful at anything chronological.

No Chronos. No logic.  See? The Viking would back this up if he knew a smidgeon of Greek – which he doesn’t – so its all neither here nor there.

But there are a few things I can share over a couple of posts.

Maybe twenty of them. I’m kidding – come back!

There are also pictures on a conked Macbook  that are begging to be uploaded, so I will shamelessly bribe you with pictures of the spawn once that is sorted.

Spitting on it as I type. Sure I’m yucky like that.


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27 responses to “Of Course You Missed Me

  1. Oh yeah… there you are. But then, i can’t take credit for being around either.

    Bring on the twenty million odd tidbits i say. We wait in anticipation:-)

  2. Looking forward to the odd tidbits.. want to know what you liked or not-so-much about Patiala, my hometown 🙂

  3. Wow, you are back!!
    How was the sweltering kerala summer?
    And yes, of course we missed you 🙂

  4. If I had a buck for every time I opened this page, boy, I’d be rich. Now please to buck up and post.

  5. maidinmalaysia

    everything will be appreciated.
    bring em on.

  6. you are BACK!!!!
    phew…i can finally say goodbye to my withdrawal sypmtoms!:-)

  7. There you go, you fisher of compliments 😛 More than five. I am glad you’re back because I have finally gotten through your archives 🙂

  8. Minka

    delurking to say I is also waiting !Pliss to be posting soon.

  9. Chooch

    Hey hey…glad you’re back…as Dipali says,if I got a gold coin from Kerala every time I hit OAWAAP..I’d certainly be rich:)
    Now,I’m going to sit back,get my popcorn and be entertained!
    Hope you and those handsome dudes of yours are well…

  10. Hi,

    I am such a huge fan! I landed on ur blog yesterday from mad momma’s and read your entire blog in 2 hours flat!!! Laughed, cried and it was such a ‘paisa wasool’ feeling. you write so beautifuly…so rich and full of delight…i luuurveed it! Am already back this morning checking for new post…see I am a fan. Pliss to come back with more??


  11. Sangeetha

    I don’t have a badass rock and a chisel, so you’ll have to be content with this on the interwebz:

    Abandon plans of any future disappearing acts. Stat!


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