The bitch about having two boys is being unable to say, ” You. You’re my favourite boy in the whole wide world. There will never be a boy like you.”

This is why I whisper it in the dead of the night into their sleeping ears, hoping that they can hear me in their dreams; hoping they know I’m there; hoping that they know that their mother’s heart is expansive enough to carry both of them in unique chambers of unending, spilt-over love.

This is also why there should be a computer programme that could have figured out how to give you one of each.



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12 responses to “Downside

  1. ys

    I am sure they hear you in their sleep. Hugs.

  2. They do hear you darlin’….I am lucky that way but beat about about the two girls and the balancing act!! Well, you win some and you lose some….

  3. They do know. I’m sure they do, even if it doesn’t always seem so.

  4. 🙂

    am sure they do! keep whispering it!

    recently read a gorgeous thing by emma brombeck about the same topic. leme see if i can find it online! will share it! 🙂


  5. Have you had the “who do you love the most” question yet? That one is hard…

    PS:Having 2 of each imagine my life. Putting the star topper during christmas, we took it down 4 times and let them each put it back and I whispered you are my favourite. There is a good children’s book. I love you the purplest.

  6. MiM

    three girls is the best package.

    sands and co got that.

    sraikh got even better.

    i used to be a great fan of Little Women, because they had four.

    and after all this i get not one but two XY.

    lead on MGM, throw some more light into this parenting boys business.

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