Melt Report

Last Friday, I trundled into Armaan’s daycare to pick him up and my self-proclaimed Angen Fnuff  (Angel Fluff) flung himself off the swing and into my arms with the velocity that is solely reserved for little boys made of shiny, shimmery dust.

I can attest that that is the singular most fantastic feeling in the world. Even if you love sex. And chocolate.

Once we were all snuggled and re-united, I put him down so I could have a quick chat with his carer about his day. A little girl, A, on another swing began to cry at this point to be let off the swing.

Before the carer could respond, Angen Fnuff was there, helping her down gently, carefully and dusting her off.  He then bent way down to look her in the eyes and asked, ” Are you okay? Don’t cry, ok?”.

He. Patted. Her. Cheek. You GUYYYYS!!!!

She looked up at him with her adoring eyes and gave him the tightest hug ever. He rubbed her back.

Such a colossal amount of sighing was probably almost inappropriate on the part of the two adults witnessing this display. But our hearts were..well.. wrung.

I am going to keep a box of kleenex ready for when this boy brings his love home.

And if I was two, I would doubtless have a crush on him too.



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33 responses to “Melt Report

  1. Awwwwwwww…..he must’ve learnt such caring from his parents, where else? 🙂 Kudos to you!

  2. OhMiGod, I really want to be 2 again 🙂

  3. Awwww. Double, triple AWWW.

  4. Utter crush material, both your boys!
    Such an angen he is, bless him:)

  5. OOh, and Harshitha’s almost two. Can we hook the two of them together? That would be so cool!

  6. Does he hug people who are decades older than two? I could manage to come down to his height. PLease??

  7. this was such an awww post….muah to Angen Fnuff…he is such a cutie!

  8. Banno

    Anyone could have a crush on him. Good looking, AND caring. The girls better watch out. 🙂

  9. Devi

    What a cute story, young Mr. Angel Fluff sounds incredibly caring. The second photo cracks me up, he looks full of mischief.

  10. I’m glad you have the evil eye=bad stuff hanging at the corner.

  11. Chooch

    *meeeellllttt*-I’m just a puddle of mush…with a major crush..give him a hug from me

  12. choxbox


    *HAD to delurk*

  13. Sandhya

    Agree with choxbox…I just had to delurk after reading this post. Whats it gotta do with being 2 …I already have a crush on him!

  14. What a sweetie! Why can’t I be two?

  15. Hug him for me will ya…..

  16. OMG! i need that Kleenex NOW please! 🙂

    and i want to be two! 🙂


  17. Orange Jammies

    You may now officially call me Puddles.

  18. suchithra balachandran

    Hello shalini, Suchithra here from calicut. stumbled on your orkut site. You can contact me on + 91 9846085333. I neither have an email nor a social page. Or, otherwise mail your number to, (my husband).Would like to talk to you sometime. Was in Oslo long back, was wondering where you were!


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