..was a most wonderful day.

Today India won the ICC World Cup after 28 years and The Indian, The Norwegian and the bi-racial spawn jumped up and down in their living room while De Ghumaake blared. Our new neighbours who were literally just moving in, stopped to stare through our window at this insane display. They might just ask for their deposit back. Bye. Nice seeing you through the windowpane.

Today and the 30th of March surprised me because I am not a die-hard cricket buff. Not really. There is the rather apparent fact that I just cannot resist a great party, but the surprise has stemmed from how moved I have been by these sporting displays. It lifted itself so effortlessly beyond nationalism, beyond a people’s pride and gave us such pure glimpses of grace under pressure and grace in defeat and victory.

Today was wonderful because the Viking woke me up with a perfect cappucino and worried about “our team”. Can you tell that he takes his PIO card very seriously? The wannabe-Indianness in him is unfailingly endearing, especially given that I laugh and scoff my way through the Winter Olympics biathlon with a “seriously! Is all this snot and spit dangling off their faces supposed to MAKE me want to watch???”

Today, it really mattered to be with someone who cared as much about this outcome as I did. Someone who comforted me when it looked grim and who whooped and cheered the boundaries and the sixes with the same enthusiasm.

My son happily spent the entire day watching this thrilling match with me. I translated the Indian national anthem for him and I choked up with tears. He looked concerned and I had the chance to explain to him, in simple terms, how strange and difficult it is sometimes to not live in a country that possesses your heart so fully. How the smallest things can sometimes trigger a longing so powerful that it can knock you off balance.

Today I heard myself say, “I’m sorry, Arvind, but Mamma is so happy that she quietly needs to say a really bad word now.”

And he grinned back at me and said, ” It’s cool. I know you’re happy.”

Armaan drank my adrak chai and danced to Gal Meethi Meethi Bol. The Viking informs me that he also stood on our windowsill and flashed *GASP* our new neighbours. We can’t afford trauma compensation, I told him dryly. I’m hoping that this won’t reveal itself to be pattern of behaviour for the times he feels slightly neglected.

I smoothly transitioned into my mother when I calmly turned on my squabbling kids and said, “If you’re going to insist on fighting, take it outside. Kill yourselves there. There’s a match going on inside.”

Today was about the awesomeness of social media – the comments, the bonding, the virtual high-fiving across continents and timelines. The thrill in knowing that so many were foregoing sleep and routine to watch and hope together. Even before victory was a certainty, the day was touched by joy and and a sense of uncomplicated oneness. An absence of malice. (Ravi Shastri, of course, excelled in milking malice from commenters, but really – he has only himself to blame.)

Today, I had no clue who Poonam Pandey was and I have still not bothered to google her. She may or may not be naked when I make her media acquaintance.

I wondered idly if Rahul Gandhi could possibly be as goodlooking as he appeared on television. I giggled because he looked impossibly bored by the women who insisted on “entertaining” him.

Today we ate takeaway and dinner was ice cream. With champagne for the adults.

Did I already say it was a fantastic day? Right then.


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21 responses to “Today

  1. And I managed to survive hooligans on the streets and reach home in one piece. Only to be booed by the family for supporting the Lankans!! But this post gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling and bursts of laughter……Hugs to the wannabe Indian and the bi-racial spawn. Wonder what I should call mine…..quadri-racial???

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Muthu: I hate the word racial actually.. lets run with bicultural and quadcultural;-) AND YAAYY!!! to you for supporting the Lankans. Important that too. They played a wonderful game and showed true sportsman spirit. And if should really learn anything from this game, it should be decency and acceptance. I am always disappointed when I hear about hooliganism and vandalism after such an dignified display. Talk about dishonouring the spirit of a good match!

  2. 🙂
    rahul gandhi is hot, isnt he?
    and yes, poonam pandey..did she strip or not? enjoyed reading this post. love your new look-‘awww’ header!

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Sukanya: Affirmative on R Gandhi:-) And Poonam Pandey is so off my radar she could have been taken by the Bermuda Triangle for all I care;-)

      Thanks for your feedback on the new look! I’m sorta happy with it.. at least till I get restless again!

  3. ys

    Hmm – not a cric fan, I stay up to watch football telecasts. But if this is what will make you write regularly, I won’t mind the city going crazy once in a while :P!

  4. Love the new look!

    “a sense of uncomplicated oneness.” – wah. I could never have put it as well as you have. Totally loved the feeling. I’m nornally the hold head high, stern poker faced woman when I walk alone in the nights, but that day, I grinned and waved at the people on the streets and they grinned too! Safety was the farthest thing on my mind, I realize with a start now!

  5. Orange Jammies

    🙂 Your lines about being away from a place that possesses you fully spoke to me.

  6. Chooch

    Loved the post MGM, and the fact that here in SA, we were equally involved,shouting dacing around , blowing those horrible vuvuzelas and generally having a blast.
    As I’ve said a million times before,reading you is such a pleasure!Love to the han’sum offsprings!:)
    And there is a link to a “silent Indian national anthem” that I’d love to give you but don’t know how-it’s on You tube-it’s so stunning,please watch it.xx

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Chooch, great to see you here again:-)

      Wasn’t it an amazing day? One I’m not likely to forget. And I’ve seen the silent national anthem.. amazing stuff!

  7. maidinmalaysia

    *raises hand to be counted in the ravi shastri voodoo doll makers on facebook*

    had i known you were watching the match , i would have watched the first half as well.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      hahaha:-) No one – absolutely no-one spears and grills Ravi as well as you do:-)
      Sheesh kebab ban gaya woh bechara Ravi;-)

  8. We were on a train, the last couple of hours of the final! And it was awesome- there was radio, and SMS messages, and chaps with laptops, and the excitement in the carriage was palpable. For a non-cricket aficianada like me, I was completely hooked:) What a match!!!!!!

  9. Not a cricket fan myself, but lay down on one side, because every time I got up a wicket would fall. Participated in the exhilaration, empathized with the thrill for one day.
    But your post took the world cup win (for me also) to a whole new level. I have said this before, but will repeat for emphasis, your writing is honest and heartfelt, a rarity.
    You are my favorite blogger, please do keep writing more often!

  10. reached here blog hopping..and have fallen totally in love with the blog!!!

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