Me to Armaan after his bath:

You smell so delicious, baby! I think I’ll chomp you right up.

The boy grins wickedly

Go upstairs and eat CANDY, Mamma!

Now if only my sweet tooth stopped there.


In response to someone dear about the state of life in general:

Life? We’re in a passive aggressive relationship

It came out as a smartass thing to write, but turns out its true. Kicking my own butt requires an agility I don’t possess right now.


In an attempt to be brave and embrace change – as opposed to shrieking and hyperventilating every time it comes within a five metre radius – I went for a haircut. I titled the project, “Changing Fixed Notions of Self”- in this instance, my hysterical “I Am A Long Hair Person” belief.

No really. I AM THIS STUPID IN REAL LIFE. You would smack me if you met me.

Go for it, says Andrea, my lovely hairdresser.

But.. but what if.. what..

STOP thinking, she says and goes on to lop of 8 inches while I hide my face in my hands.

Chrissakes, look! says Andrea in her cheeriest voice, (she who wears hot pink tights to match hot pink nails and was a few hours away from a 2 UNLIMITED concert! Andy, you and I are OLDDDD!)

I loved it. I would have made out with my hair if not for the fact that it was too short to even sniff. I kept checking out the nape of my neck which was every bit as fugly as I imagined it would be. I kept tossing my hair till I became insufferable to myself and had to give myself a stern talking to. I do that sometimes.

This works two ways, says Andrea, chic when straight and very naughty when curly.

Andrea, hairdresser and personality shaper. I could have bought her tickets for 2 Unlimited concerts the world over.

So great was my love.

The new me. Curls temporarily in hiding. Feel free to hit me with your worst puns.



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40 responses to “Random

  1. I think this qualifies as your I Just Had an Epiphany Moment. What is important is what are you going to do now, that hair needs to be treated to a nice life now, you have to take it places *sigh*

  2. You hottie, you:)
    Honestly, you’d look gorgeous with any kind of hair or no hair at all!

  3. agree with Dipali- you will look good in any hairdo with your gorgeous looks , even if you decide to go bald. Natalie Portman and Sinead O’Connor will bow to you!:-)

    i wish i could carry a short hairdo like you do, sigh!

  4. Eleonora

    Wow, you look even more amazing than before!
    (I think this might be bad grammar, but you get the idea..)

  5. Chooch

    OMW! You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Clearly, with your kind of looks, you can carry off super short if not totally bald!Think Nandita Das…

  6. i told you then olly, it looks awesome!!!!

  7. please miss, autograph? one sign only miss. I’ll go miss.

  8. deepa

    I hate it when there are peoplz who are both hysterically phunny and phuntastic looking! So green right now across the atlantic.

  9. jyothy

    wow..u look so pretty!

    love ur blog and the boys’ antics

  10. Orange Jammies

    Oh S, it looks lovely! *You* look lovely. 🙂 I feel like lopping off mine too. ‘Cept, I’ll look like an egg.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      But you have SUCH gorgeous hair. Why would you even go there? Mine was looking really sorry for itself, so it was an easy decision to make.

  11. After reading all of you blogposts, I have finally delurked to tell you that here’s finally a mom that gets me. As much as I love DD and try to do the best I can, there are times when I am simply incapable of keeping all the balls in the air and they go crash, boom, bang.

    It helped to read some of your posts where you spoke about leaving the house messy, where you struggled with loving travel but missing home and hearth. Sometimes, it feels like all the moms in the world have figured out how the walk the tightrope while I’m still at the start line, dithering. Its good not to feel so alone. THANKS.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Meera, Thank you! What a nice compliment.
      I am still learning. I won’t even pretend I have a clue at most times.

  12. You have gorgeous hair – and a gorgeous smile to go with it.

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