What It Takes

..to bring me back is being roundly called A USELESS, YOOOUUUSSELESS WOMAN by this Bloggaqueen.

And I love her. So if you were looking for a catfight – shoo.

On the other hand, if you like girl on girl action, stick around. (Oh. God. I may have just asked for choicest UP waali gaalis)

As soon as I’m done stalking yet another person I don’t know on Facebook, I’ll be back.

In a more dignified manner than Arnold. Hopefully.

Edited to Add: 100,000 hits. High five. After almost three years, I’m upto MM’s daily traffic;-)


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10 responses to “What It Takes

  1. justanothermommy

    came through MM’s site and went through your entire blog after that. lovely writing…keep it coming!

  2. Mom Gone Mad

    Welcome JAM:-) Thanks for the kind words.

  3. good Lord, did you just get three jibes in to one post?! How?! And welcome back, hon. It was totally worth being called bloggaqueen. Next time though, i’ll kill you – after you finish the India trip, that is.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      3 jibes is the least i could do for the traffic:-)
      See? Even you missed the girl on girl suggestion. Sheesh. Just because I’m not Natalie Portman.

  4. Chalo- something worked! All the sighing and begging and pleading obviously didn’t, basically because it was all optimistically in my head.
    DO NOT DISAPPEAR AGAIN, else I’ll set the Mad One on you again:)

  5. Mom Gone Mad

    Dipali: Please spare me that fate:-)

  6. *gasp* You’re back?!

    *waits patiently for girl on girl action*

    I didn’t know I was on your blogroll….thanks hon!!

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Yes, when you least expect it, Starry:-)
      Don’t be holding your breath. She has clearly dumped me for her Daniel Craig-y OA;-) Gah!

  7. Yaay – you’re back 🙂 And yaay for girl on girl action. Where’s that MM now?

  8. so that’s the key, huh? we should call you Youuuuseless!!! to make you write. And here we were, begging you. hmpf.

    off to read the other posts!

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