Days Of Our Lives

Someday, in the not-so-distant future, Armaan will no longer say, “VUNDERSTORRM” with unconcealed delight when there is a (you guessed it) thunderstorm.

Someday in the future, I may no longer have the incredible pleasure of his cheery company while I’m making a perfect bolognese sauce from scratch – and he chatters continously, stirs the crockpot, chews a bay leaf for size and tries to guzzle the red wine.

I love these moments with my baby.

So I’m going to give myself a minute to hate a future that may not include them.



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22 responses to “Days Of Our Lives

  1. Such a pretty boy!! I could eat him right up….

  2. thats one adorable baby right there! im new here, and loving it already 🙂

  3. They grow up too fast, don’t they?

  4. your son is so adorable..his smile is like sunshine 🙂 following your blog cuz i loved reading every bit 🙂

  5. Hi MGM, I’ve been lurking on your blog reading up the archives after discovering you a few days ago. I have no blog to share so in the spirit of putting something back into a space that has given me much gratification, here’s a link to an article on parenting from The Atlantic. It was sent to me by my 20 year old son. I am not sure why he felt I should read it. Or am i?

    • Mom Gone Mad

      I posted this one on FB a while back. It is truly awesome!! Thanks for thinking of me when you read it and wanting to share:-)

  6. pxbalak

    Look at the smile in his face, as he’s stirring the pot – pure joy. I love cooking with my 2 yr old too… it’s a mess at the end of it, but what the heck, we both had fun trying to cook 😉

  7. He looks totally edible! I can see why you’d want to eat him up. and the pics are beautifully captured!

  8. both your boys are adorable….Armaan looks like you?? he does in the second pic.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Like my dearly departed Granddad actually:-) Though I’ll just flatter myself into believing that he looks a bit like me;-)

  9. The utter sweetness of childhood!

  10. What a beautiful child, you sure did pass those beauty genes!

  11. Chooch

    Heeey..looong time!
    MGM,why did you let him grow up so fast???He’s so gorgeous! and that smile! Am I imagining things or has his hair grown straight??
    Please keep writing!

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