“We’re family, Arvind. And being family means that we we know each other better than anyone else knows us – warts and all.”


“Well, that is like having a superpower. It is a HUGE power to have. And like any superpower, we can use it for good. Or we can use it in a bad way. Like it or not, we have the power to make or break each other’s day. Days even.”

The boy pauses whilst drawing, pencil raised dramatically in mid-air. As if pondering my words. Or catching flies.

“Yeah. Like Pokemon. They have all these superpowers and sometimes, if they are not clever, they end up hurting themselves with their powers.”

“Well, err.. yes. That sounds about right. So we’re using our powers and words wisely?”

Lesson learnt: I will not be a cultural luddite and knock popular youth culture ALL the time. Clearly, even Pokemon can offer some moral sustenance. I will have to settle for a more reserved kind of Pokemon loathing now.



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5 responses to “Superpowers

  1. Yep. Even Pokemon can teach us a few things.

  2. Banno

    True. I learned my lesson when ‘Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hain’ taught my daughter some valuable lessons. 🙂

  3. What is it with these “mons”???,,,,I have to contend with Doremon!!!

  4. That’s the spirit!!!!!

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