The Thursday War

“Mamma, is it Friday today?”

“No, sweetheart, it’s Thursday.”

The tiny little body stiffens as the fury whirls up within him.

“But Friday is Take A Toy day. And I HATE Thursdays. Thursdays smell like farts. I hate Thursday so much that I will paint it pink, stamp on it, break it into many, many pieces and flush it down the toilet. And then Thursdays will drown in the sea forever.”

Anger Management à la an-otherwise-peaceful and happy Armaan.

Clearly all that Roald Dahl is having an impact.


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10 responses to “The Thursday War

  1. he he he….the power of genes.

  2. Awesome. I feel exactly the same way!

  3. Poor Thursday!!!!! I love Armaan’s outburst!

  4. pxbalak

    What an adorable child this one of yours is and hey.. curious – why does he hate Thursdays so much??

    • Mom Gone Mad

      He hates it for the simple reason that it is not Friday and thereby Toy Day at his daycare when they can take along something small to play with and share. Sadly, he inherited my logic;-)

  5. baby, whatever you are planning to do to Thursday, can you do to Monday as well? *looks hopefully at Armaan*

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