Words Alive

“Mamma, can you keep the night light on so that I can read myself to sleep?”

And I realize that I have waited for this moment, through all these years of reading to him.

The day when he would take over and struggle to keep his eyes open to cover yet another page.

The day I would take the prone book off his chest and place it on his night table before tucking him in.

When I would whisper, “The thinks you will think and the places you’ll go.”


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18 responses to “Words Alive

  1. awwww…
    my seven year old and i have just started on the Harry Potter series and its been one heck of a ride!

  2. May he be tremendously wealthy in this respect. The inheritance of the love of books and the tomes themselves…….Bless you both

  3. What a fabulous milestone this is- there’s no looking back! Muah to both you and to him.

  4. and the reading with a torch light under the blanket days! sigh.

  5. Amma

    So happy he has started reading on his own.

  6. Can’t help but just go Awwwwwwwwwww

  7. Can’t wait to whisper “The thinks you will think and the places you’ll go” to the little munchkins whenever we have them. Ohh!! I luuurve the way you write, words turning into a web of fantasy and visuals. You have one helluva fan out here in Brussels !!

  8. it happened. the request to keep the night light on! just like Arvind. what a wonderful feeling…..tagged you.

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