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The Way You Made Me Feel

Michael, you’re gone too soon.

Here’s hoping this kind of amazing music and these moves are what the future generations will remember.

I give you what is undoubtedly my favourite MJ hit.

RIP, Michael, RIP.


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By Popular Demand

I can only talk in stuccato. I am rendered such by:

The hair

The shoulder pads

The lipgloss

The eyeliner

The German idea of good pop.

Dying in emotion indeed.

Dottie, let it never be said that you asked in vain 😉


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Well, Whaddaya Know?

It’s Trashy Tuesday again!

But since we’ve had an overdose of  80’s music lately, this is it for a while. I promise. Unless I’m a particularly mean mood and then I might just unleash Rick Astley upon you.

Or Milli Vanilli. Did I see some erstwhile fans cringe now? Sorry, there’s no way to have been a fan of MV and feel smart now. That ship has sailed.

So I give you Whitney. Though, in principle, I’m all against giving free PR to abusive crackheads, I will make an ever- so-small exception for Whitney and this particular song. I’m not sure its even scientifically possible to hear this song and not want to jiggle a bit.

Now do as I do. Go lock that door, crank it up and dance like the madperson you are!

Be the Tuesday sizzle you want to see in the world.


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Bring It On

…. dear Meluhhan.

The ’80’s challenge is on! Meluhhan came up with the incomparable One Night in Bangkok – undisputably one of the cleverest songs of the ’80’s. Now,  I’m not very clever, but rather dictated by the excessive levels of cheese and hot guys.  What? It was a hormonal time;-)

So here are my two picks since I just cannot decide.

This classic by the inimitable Billy Ocean was on the soundtrack of the The Jewel of the Nile – one of the coolest action/romantic comedies of the decade. The movie was also particularly memorable for the sizzling chemistry between Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. Liberal quantities of hairspray, high cheese factor, and waaay back then – you didn’t get a lot hotter than Michael Douglas. Check. Check. Check.

For the final entry, I have only three words.

Simon. Le. Bon.

Ok, I have a few more words, but they would all require a higher PG rating for this blog.

Simon, you were sex on toast, back when I loved toast and knew nothing of sex. (Honest, mum!)

Duran Duran have wrecked life for the bunch of wannabe DD, sissy boybands that came post ’80’s.

Yes, Backstreet Boys, I’m talking to you. Shoo!



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