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Tuesday Upper

Tuesdays are the worst.

You prep all Sunday for your Monday morning blues. You mentally visualise how miserable you’ll be at precisely 6.a.m. and pretty much for every hour after that till the level of caffeine in your blood has exceeded the level of misery in your being. You are so prepared for the shithole every Monday is. (The sole exception to this is the Monday Armaan arrived. Inspite of the fact that barbarous things were done to my person that day, that was a fantastic Monday. It was rock n’ roll, but that could be the morphine speaking.)

You lull yourself into believing that Tuesday will somehow be better. That you will feel better about the world, your workplace and life choices. You might have even seen a great show the night before that seduces you some.

Congratulations. The free T-shirt is yours.


With this inevitable truth in mind, I plan my playlist the night before, to ensure a decent chance of getting out of bed, into the car ( for some regular environmental damage) and to the office in the manner of all wannabe-productive, wage-earning (harhar! if you are a government employee) individuals.

So, today I present the Song That Gets Me Out Of Bed. And honestly? It works better than a double espresso.

Thanks to YouTube being whipped by the record labels, there is no real video anymore. YouTube can host my neighbour’s porn, just not cool music. I’ll learn to live.

Enjoy the song! Shine like Ruby Tuesday today.


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