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Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

Why, hello! Lovely of you to pop in just in time for..


where I freely share the the very best of ’80’s pop. Muy generoso and all that.

My picker-upper this Tuesday Morning is none other than George Michael – lead singer in WHAM.

George, who was the intense object of my affections the entire autumn of ’84 and who, in all probability, was also the starrer in my first wet dream.

Before you retch, I urge you to remember that this was ’80’s George, rakish and sexy with zingin’ moves. Girls yearned and pined and fainted. They lined up at malls at ungodly hours and hyperventilated at a chance sighting.

This is not ’90’s George, who, not only made it clear that he err… liked batting for his own team, but also that he particularly liked playing with Ze Boys in public urinals and behind the bushes in random public parks. Not that I really have a problem with either of these things. Its a cruel world that clips your wings for some simple al fresco lovin’.

Oh George, the ’90’s chewed you up and spat you out. You and Hugh Grant. Yet, for this gem, you will always have my lauw.

And – Andrew Ridgeley who?

Now go. Shake some booty and be happy. We need it on a Tuesday!


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