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Sunday Insight

You know you have a great mother when:

  • She notices dark circles under your eyes on a grainy webcam and wonders why.
  • You can almost see her smiling wistfully into the phone when you ask her if there is any chance whatsoever that she could be at your home in about half an hour or so to calm down the kids, bathe them, put them to bed and then pamper you a little.
  • She will answer whenever you call, whatever the time, because there is no knowing when she’s needed. (While you can still be the biyaatch who screens)
  • She will put up with shaky online performances from her grandchildren at unearthly hours

You know you have a great Mother-in-Law when:

  • She walks into your trashed home  for Sunday dinner and says in a bright voice, “How lovely to come to a home that looks lived in.”
  • She speaks disdainfully of all the wannabe-perfect mothers and ensures you that you’re onto something good by letting it slide and enjoying life.
  • She can spend an entire evening and not only not feel the need to suggest any home/personal improvement, but also openly side with you on crucial interior design matters.
  • She unwittingly shows you the right and diplomatic way to show your Other Half (better? I think not!) that he is being a bleedin’ ijjit.


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